About Polymnia

Research Network on Ancient and Modern Mythographers
under the direction of Jacqueline Fabre-Serris and Françoise Graziani

Polymnia is an international research network, whose aim is to study the mythographical tradition in Europe from Antiquity to the seventeenth century

  • It engages in three types of activity:
    the organisation of a rolling programme of conferences in the various partner institutions (see programme)   (updated on July 2011)
  • the publication of bilingual texts with translations and notes (see the ‘Mythographes’ Collection)
  •  maintaining an Internet site aimed at fostering contact and exchanges between academics, doctoral students, and other students

Scientific committee: C. Alvarez, A. Baudou, M. Bettini, D. Bouvier, C. Calame, L. Couloubaritsis, P. Ford, F. Graziani, F. La Brasca, J. Pamiàs- Massana, F. Pellizer, M. Alganza Roldan, A. Zucker